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Wealth Pools International Review – An Honest Opportunity Or A Scam?

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Wealth Pools International Review – An Honest Opportunity Or A Scam?

There is already enough lies being told online about Wealth Pools International. My mission is so that you can really grasp a very clear picture of what you need by using factual information about this company. We will be blunt and direct because that is the best way to tell it.

For your convenience we are going to do a short background check on the Wealth Pools International history. Then, move on to the other 2 important areas which are the compensation and the precious opinion of the honest public.

1) The Birth

In essence, wealth pools international was conceived and given life by Robert E. Lane and his brother. They believed in helping people speak and understand the Latino language better when it is being taught in the form of a CD. Since there are about 57 million Latinos’ now residing in the United States of America, independent associates of Wealth Pools International are hoping to bank in on this opportunity.

2) Cost Versus System

Say you were to join in the Wealth Pools International opportunity and you would ask, “so what is the real cost and profit potential?”. There are actually two kind of member plans if you were to join in. The first is the Quick Start Plan which is priced at $199.95 and you will need to sell 5 sales in order get into the higher commission level.

The other is the MAP (make it happen plan), which is quite cheesy but that one would set you back at $649.95 and qualifies you to the higher commission level instantly. Add to that you need to have a annual membership renewal with Wealth Pools International at $50 per year.

Your chance of profiting would be to make your system based on the network marketing concept. You are always depending on your down line in order to have your team volume grow to make you sales. That is the concept of leverage being told to you by most wealth pools international associates.

3) The Blind Ones

The reason that you are here was because you have really been hearing lots of marketing and hype about wealth pools international. However, be cautious because there are marketers or shall we say “heavy hitters” who are making the bulk of profits off this program in particular.

Robert E. Lane the founder has been involved in other companies prior to this and they all no longer in operation. You would think that it is alright he is was just involved and not found them. Companies like Winners Circle was founded by the gentleman and sadly it closed down.

Then, that is not really all because by looking at various forums, you could potentially see some discussions with some Wealth Pools Associates shouting their earnings of 5 figures and above and putting their phone number saying “call me and your questions will be answered”.

Too old school and it is merely a deception to get you as a prospect on the phone line.

In closing, your best chance to succeed today is to consider other bearable options that will give you an instant payout such as a direct marketing system. Yes, you like to work once and get paid all the time but there are other alternatives out there besides Wealth Pools International.

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