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Phython Course in Bangalore

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Phython Course in Bangalore

The well assorted PHP course at etcoe combined with the MySQL curriculum to meet the industry requirements makes us the first choice as a PHP training institute among the best of the aspirants.

PHP, initially known as Hypertext Processor was released in 1995 as a server-side scripting language. Later on the abbreviation for PHP was modified to Personal Home Page. As per records, PHP registers for a 75{3bb2a8e703be8d5bb7fc1289a915cd39229c5bcd006c8cdf059732c7e19a8eab} website usage as evident on October 2010 which increased to 82{3bb2a8e703be8d5bb7fc1289a915cd39229c5bcd006c8cdf059732c7e19a8eab} in February 2014. That is leading to a growing market of PHP development which makes PHP training a merit addition to a developer’s profile. PHP programming language is free software. PHP license with a Zend Engine powered interpreter. It has evolved as a general-purpose programming language in the web development vertical of the IT industry and is being widely used for web development and installed on numerous web servers functioning on different operating system. This was followed up by a 2004 release of PHP version 5.0 which provided better support for object-oriented programming covering the PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension which in turn has made creative tasks easier with PHP tool making it so popular for developers that as per April 2007 records, a reported 20 million plus Internet domains function on web servers programmed with PHP. With its usability to create dynamic web pages, PHP has become the most widely used content management systems with big players of the web domain like Google, Yahoo!, Rediff, Wikipedia, Zynga, MediaWiki, Joomla, Word Press and also the user-facing portion of Facebook and Digg. PHP has also attracted the development of many software frameworks like PRADO, CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Yii Framework, Phalcon and Zend Framework, offering features similar to other web frameworks.

At Evolet Technologies, we call our trainers – Technical consultants. They are IT people, who are from a development background and have great expertise in coding.

Evolet Technologies Center of Excellence is a training and development institute where we offer customized courses to students/graduates on various technologies and topics. We train students in courses such as:

1. IT-Software services where a candidate can choose various programming languages from areas such as mobile application development, web application development, Content management systems etc.
2. Soft Skills and Aptitude
3. Our institute customized courses for students include Full stack development, MEAN stack development, LAMP stack development and Digital Marketing

We also offer Certification programs, Internship Programs, and Campus drive training programs to students, graduates and job seekers at our institute. We have tie-ups with companies, who come to recruit our candidates.
We have special college programs that include free seminars/paid workshops/ Inplant training/ Projects and Placement Partnership programs.

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