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IMT Centre For Distance Learning

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IMT Centre For Distance Learning

The Institute of Management Technology-Centre for Distance Learning, based near Delhi, equips future managers to take on the challenge of an increasingly global and technological workplace. Managers must be able to adapt and be flexible. The CDL’s curriculum and programs are designed to do just that.

The CDL’s vision is to establish itself as a global integrated business school acknowledged for its strength in management education, leadership in business and excellence in the corporate field. Accordingly, The CDL’s mission is to create an academic community committed to innovation and lifelong learning.

Students at IMT-CDL have sixteen programs from which to choose. Students have the opportunity to earn:

• a one or two year degree in Management,

• a Masters of Science in Cyber Law and Security, a newly added program in collaboration with National Law University of Jodphur,

• one year degrees in Cyber Security, Taxation, Business Administration, Financial Management, Materials and Supply Chain, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Export Management and Retail Management.

IMT-CDL also offers two doctoral programs: a Management Fellowship, and a PhD program, which was recently created. For students in the corporate sector, there are two year degrees available in Management.

These programs are conducted by highly esteemed faculty, led by Director Dr. A.M. Sherry, a professor of IT at IMT-CDL. Dr. Sherry is joined by a faculty of the best and brightest graduates of internationally acclaimed institutions of higher learning. The faculty is in tune with the constant changing needs and expectations of a global industry, and has first-hand knowledge of what today’s managers need to know in order to succeed.

Prospective students are screened by a selection committee. Students interested in two year programs take an admissions exam. Exempted from this exam are students that have already earned a one year degree from IMT-CDL, military personnel, senior public administrators and professionals in the academic, technical or legal fields. For students with a degree from a foreign institution, admission is subject to approval by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India.

There are currently six regional information centers to serve students. At these centers, students can receive academic counseling, and speak with university personnel. These centers can be found in: Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Nagpur, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

Students at IMT-CDL have access to an extensive digital library, powered by Referenceware. This library provides searchable remote access to the full, unabridged editions of thousands of Business, Technical and Finance texts.

In addition to programs of study for students, IMT-CDL also operates a Research and Consultancy Division. This division provides training programs, industrial planning, feasibility studies, market research, software development and other activities to provide professional enrichment for its students.

IMT-CDL provides Management Development Programs to educate students in current critical management issues. These programs are centered on the relevant topics of Leadership, Financial Management, Information Technology, Human Resource Development, Strategic Mentoring and Professional Renewal.

Students who enroll at IMT-CDL will find themselves at the forefront of innovative thinking about management technology. Graduates can feel confident they are equipped with very best tools possible to establish themselves as global leaders in management technology.

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