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Google Glass 2.0: The Sun Set to Rise Again?

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Google Glass 2.0: The Sun Set to Rise Again?

The Google glass project, was announced officially on April 4, 2012 and gathered a lot of enthusiastic techies’ attention all around the globe. Since then, it has checked past many standout milestones including various public interaction sessions that helped them gather areas of development and suggestions from an end user point of view.

During 2013, the Google glass was made available to software developers of US and UK for $1500, and by the end of 2014, The Google Glass Explorer was made available for anyone with a U.S or U.K address, still being in the beta status.

Meanwhile the keen followers from rest of the world had started to believe that they will also get a chance to get their hands on this latest art piece of technology soon. But, their expectations thrashed with an official statement of Google dated 15th January 2015(Source: BBC) stating its Discontinuation of public availability of this product. The last date for availability of purchase was set to 19th of January 2015. After that, the development and production returned to an incognito cloak from where it was brought into.

According to a poll initiated on glassalmanac, 55{3bb2a8e703be8d5bb7fc1289a915cd39229c5bcd006c8cdf059732c7e19a8eab} of voters said that it was a positive step for Google Glass while an extensive 45{3bb2a8e703be8d5bb7fc1289a915cd39229c5bcd006c8cdf059732c7e19a8eab} voters agreed that the company has taken a wrong turn.

Whatever be the case, Google has got the essential information it required. The information regarding the challenges that people face commonly in their day to day lives because of the glass. Whether it be getting fined for driving with the Glass on, or getting restrained from watching a movie in a cinema. Google must have noticed the perception of various authorities regarding the device.

What next then?

Fortunately, the dusk that the device has faced is followed by another dawn that is promised although no timescale has been promised by the team.

The next generation of wearable glass technology is already under development. This is popularly known as ‘The next version of glass’ or simply ‘Google glass 2.0’.

A month before the shattering news dispersed the online media, a striking patent was made by Google, according to digitalspy, This patent was Google glass 2.0. The patent showed a streamlined display that shifts from the right eye to the left.

Talking about the development, the project was being developed under the Google X division till now. This division includes company’s special projects and obviously, a lot of vital information.

Main points to be considered about Google glass 2.0 are

1. The Glass team will now move out of the Google X division which engages in “blue sky” research, and become a separate undertaking, under its current manager Ivy Ross, formerly known for her work in fashion industry.

2. A lot of emphasis will be laid on the performance and power consumption of the device to overcome the current complaints of short-lived battery life.

3. More software developers will be encouraged to participate in developing so that more and more engaging applications can be created.

4. Better looks. Since, not a lot of people liked the nerdy look of the beta [Explorer] version.

5. Cost was a big issue for the explorer version so a better strategy will be to commercialize the device in bounteous countries so that price shows multi fold reductions.

Base Line

Google has terminated all efforts that were being made for enhancing the Explorer version and is now focusing entirely on the next generation I.e Google Glass 2.0, The exact specifications of which cannot be determined by now. Whist, the religious followers of this technology are hoping for it to be worth the wait.

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