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Did You Join a Think Tank Today?

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Did You Join a Think Tank Today?

Many people wish to spend considerable time in complex thought. Well, did you join a think tank today? Did your think tank have interesting topics to discuss? What did you think about today? Make sure that your think tank is on the ball and has interesting dialogues and relevant discussions. For instance ask your self if you Think Tank has new things to think about each and every day?

Our think tank came up with the following concepts to think on this week and we discovered we need some help too. Because this are not easy topics and thus we need more brain power. Here are the current dialogues for this coming week – dialogues on:

  • 1.) “War and Purpose”
  • 2.) Discussion on Actual Full Body Human Cloning (latest eBook) You would probably wish to debate on the ethics issues
  • 3.) How to insure that Space Colonies remain peaceful with one another
  • 4.) Having “Paris Hilton” Trade Jail time for 100 school speeches on the dangers of Druck Driving, Throughout CA.
  • 5.) E-Book on (your) Plan for Habitats “Prototype”
  • 6.) Discussion on How and Why the United States of America came to be the greatest nation in the history of mankind?
  • 7.) Why we should Franchise The World
  • 8.) Bolivia’s down-slide and the falacy of Communism
  • 9.) How to Kill a Hurricane before it turns into a Monster
  • 10.) How AI Robots will replace human knowledge workers in Canada
  • 11.) Why “Ying and Yang” symbol needs to be turned on its side
  • 12.) Why Humans and Animals are similar and Why Humans Arrogance dis-allows them to observe this fact
  • 13.) Why Growing Our Own Fuel (ethanol – Bio Diesel) is a long-term bad idea
  • 14.) How LED Lighting and Circuits will Revolutionize electronics in the future
  • 15.) Why JIT Supply Chains fall short of Goals and the Use of AI to predict needs
  • 16.) Why the US does not really need satellites to execute a war
  • 17.) Why Anger Management is needed in Human Civilizations and How to implement
  • 18.) Mobile Cell Phones of the Future
  • 19.) How to use AI machines on Forums, Blogs and email conversations to keep Terrorist Targets busy
  • 20.) More Honesty and Reality needed in Humanity Efforts
  • 21.) Why Outsourcing is Economically better than not
  • 22.) Why illegal immigration causes chaos in human civilization if it occurs too fast
  • 23.) How to improve efficiency in surface transportation
  • 24.) Why customer service ought to be taught in schools

What is the moral of the story? Well simple really, the moral of the story is if you join a Think Tank, make sure they know how to think and can come up with relevant topics to consider. Be well and continued success in your think tank.

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