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3 Reasons Why Your Organisation Needs Network Security Like Never Before!

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3 Reasons Why Your Organisation Needs Network Security Like Never Before!

With increasing dependency on technology and its ever evolving nature, network security become important to organisations. There are ample reasons why networks need security today but here are the 3 reasons why I think every network demands security…

Attackers Are Now Interested in Every Possible Network

The belief that we are not Microsoft, Forbes, Reuters or Facebook, that attackers would want to hack us, is a common thing among small businesses. SMEs often feel that their network is hardly of any interest to the hackers. This might be true in terms of data. But there are various other reasons why hackers hack a network, which includes need for computing power, bandwidth and identity. Free resources including identity are never a bad thing for attackers especially when it is for free and if it helps them stay undetected and play safe. Apart from this hackers also attack networks, merely for practice and at times randomly. In both cases you might be just a random guinea pig. Both ways the harm is always and only yours. Data how little or insignificant it might be, is definitely useful for hackers. So it’s high time SMEs and SMBs leave behind the ‘it-will-never-happen-to me’ attitude and get serious about security.

Mobile Malware

Gone are the days when security could be definite and easy. Especially with the growing usage of mobiles, users and devices no more remain within the network perimeters, as both users and devices are now on constant move. Security is all dynamic now. Dynamism is definitely thrilling at times, but uncertainty can be highly dangerous. In addition to this, majority of the mobile devices are still under-protected or unprotected. And it’s obvious that malware developers will focus on this lack of security and awareness to exploit. With limited visibility of URLs on mobiles as compared to PCs, mobile surfing brings new risks and threats in disguise. Mobiles are inevitable for businesses today and so are threats through mobiles, hence being on your guard and having the right security on your side sounds like the right way out.

Advent of Intelligent Attacks

Attacks these days clearly point to the rising sophistication and professionalism among attackers. Security experts predict attacks wherein the attackers will be seen getting more specific, both in terms of their objective and attack strategies. Network threats have become radically diversified with various motives. Money no more remains the only motive. Recent attacks show how attackers are trying to maximize their severity of damage through blended attacks by combining multiple means of entry. Attacks and threats have gone beyond the purview of single-point security solutions that organizations continue to deploy. Security experts agree to the fact that a single weak link in security can compromise an entire security implementation. Therefore, organizations need a unified and future-ready approach that protects their networks and business users from the threat of blended and advanced attacks. So even if you have some security in place; it’s time to revise and ensure that you have the best in place.

Security has always been a must for every business, but now a days it’s the network security that demands attention. As you harvest the immense pool of opportunities internet and various recent technologies like mobile, cloud and virtualization bring in, we recommend you also look at the dark side of the coin. Security should never become the bottle-neck for productivity and growth, but nor should it be the reason for loss. Hence get the right security for your network in place to ensure growth.

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